Optimal Results: 

With many years of structural, construction, and transportation engineering experience, we are committed to building strong partnerships and mutually beneficial, long-term client relationships. The Innova team combines strategy with leading-edge technology to develop innovative and cost-saving solutions for optimal results. Our problem-solving approach and desire to build long-term client relationships form our foundation.

We promote open communications and strong teamwork to maximize results. Clients rely on our technical expertise, professional resources and objective perspective. Innova's strategy is fundamentally unique. Our process for each project is based on four pillars:

Practical Approach:

From concept to completion, Innova is hands-on and proactive. We brainstorm with each other and with our consultants (i.e., architects, contractors, electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineers), about project design concepts, construction costs to provide value-engineering, often times below budget. This has been a successful practical approach.

Creative Solutions:

Innova's culture is to be innovative and creative. With over 150 years of combined experience in engineering and construction solutions, Innova's engineers are encouraged to think outside the box and solve project difficulties in non-conventional ways.

Core Values:

Innova promotes teamwork, quality, enjoyment of work and integrity. In every project that Innova undertakes, our principles are encouraged, verified and reinforced. We believe that by following and supporting these values at every stage in the project, we assure the best customer service and the best product to our clients.

Strategic Partnerships:

Innova’s business purpose and goal is to build cohesive and mutually beneficial teams between us and our clients.